Liathach, Torridon

Torridon is the Glen of Giants : Beinn Eighe, Beinn Alligin and scariest of all, Lithach!

Every budding scambler should spend 1/2 a week in this fantastic setting : great scenery, iconic mountain ridges – and a fantastic pub for long evenings reliving hairy moments from the day!  For relative luxury, try the Torridon Inn (where the excellent bar is), or for those on a budget the Youth Hostel is the place to go.

Easiest way on to the ridge is to follow the stream (see the map below).  The going is rocky and you’re starting from sea level – but the view ahead spurs you on.

When you finally hit the ridge line, the views are immediately dramatic.  Straight ahead as you top out are the ramparts of Beinn Eighe, with a gaping chasm between you and it.

Turn right to visit the outlying top, then head West along the ridge to the highest point, Spidean Choire Leithe.

This is where things start getting really interesting!  For the next mile you’re on a narrow ridge, prickling with dagger-like pinnacles : the Am Fasarinen pinnacles.

There are two routes to choose from :

The High Road : up and over the pinnacles, keeping pretty much to the ridge line.

The Low Road : you can see a path which veers off to the left, keeping roughly level just below the pinnacles.

Both require a head for heights, and both offer a fantastic experience.  The path is very exposed and pretty eroded, but just keep to the right and you’ll be safe.

The pinnacles however, whilst requiring scrambling along the ridge, are not as bad as they might appear.  No need for ropes – just take your time and make sure you maintain good holds.

Eventually you reach the last Munro of Mullach an Rathain.  Turn around to see the complete ridge you’ve come along, plus a great view of both Torridon’s other mountain ranges.  Now get to the bar and plan tomorrow’s equally challenging expedition !


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