Cadair Idris : waiting for the rain to arrive…

The impact of weather seems to be a constant feature of this blog, whether it’s finding hidden trails which shelter you from storm force winds and rain, or searching for water when you run dry well below the summit on scorching highland climbs. Today was no exception.  I’d been checking the MWIS forecast daily – and it hadn’t been getting any more encouraging.  Heavy and persistent rain arriving mid morning, remaining all day and with a little lightning thrown in for added excitement.

In spite of the dire warnings, Erol, Grant, Richard and I ignored common sense and set off from the Minffordd car park in pretty good conditions.  It was about then that I remembered how the walk starts..  The last time I did this was with my daughter and a few of her teenage friends, and to this day, when we remember the cadair day, they all say “OMG!  The steps!!!”.  And that was pretty much how we felt today.  There is something much more difficult about lifting your legs high over countless steep steps right at the start of a walk, far worse than picking your own route through a rough track.

The payoff comes however, when you reach the perfect corrie lake of Llyn Cau, nestling below the cliffs of Cadair range.


Erol, Grant and Richard at Llyn Cau, below the cliffs of Cadair Idris

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